Be a Climate Ambassador!

We cordially invite individual professionals around the globe to join the NovoClime Climate Ambassador Network:  

Climate Ambassador
is an initiative by Novonanmek Material Sciences Private Limited - an innovator in Climate technology to raise awareness about climate change. The company has developed a state-of-the-art Direct Air carbon capture technology (called NovoClime) that shall be brought to life in days to come.

As a Climate Change Ambassador, what will you be doing?

You shall help mitigate and ultimately reverse climate change by doing the following:

1. Generate awareness about climate change among the Indian population via your personal and professional network through social media posts, podcasts, and other media.
2. Help NovoClime build a network of Climate Change advocates
3. Feed NovoClime and the network with relevant Climate Change related information.

Why should you become a Climate Ambassador?

The biggest reward will be that you will be meaningfully contributing to mitigating/reversing climate change, and 

1. You will be the first few climate ambassadors in India. 

2. You will have the opportunity to be a part of a large network of climate advocates. You can collaborate within yourselves (within the umbrella of NovoClime) to get great things done. 

3. You will be working (generating awareness) on a very important matter - Climate Change

4. You will get an opportunity to put forward your ideas about mitigating/reversing climate change and the same will be shared on our website & social media handles.

5. You will be featured on our Climate ambassadors page

6. Your work can be a part of your resume.