Accelerating the process of Carbon Capture in the oceans using technology 


We are working on a process that will capture carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere and sequester it in the seas & oceans by accelerating the natural process of carbon dioxide capture in the seas and oceans due to their natural alkalinity, and make the process happen in human relevant time scales.


We not only have to remove but also park the hundreds of billion tonnes of Carbon Dioxide that have been captured for thousands of years. We have realized that there is no better place to park hundreds of billion tonnes of carbon dioxide other than in our seas and oceans. To give you an idea of the scale, if we were to remove all the CO2 from the atmosphere and put it in the oceans, it would only increase the amount of carbon in ocean chemistry by only 2%.


There is enough space in our oceans. 

When our technology is ready, Carbon dioxide removed using our technology will sit as a component of the Novoton, thereby reducing the cost of Novotons even further.

We are contemplating two ways to capture carbon dioxide and sequester it in the seas and oceans.

In one case, we bring sea water into our proprietary patent pending high throughput reactor and after the reaction send the sea water with absorbed carbon dioxide back to the sea, thereby sequestering atmospheric carbon dioxide into the sea.

DAC Presentation.jpg


In another case we "take the reactor to the sea" and place it on the ocean surface, to avoid costs of pumping the sea water into the reactor and back to the sea after the reaction. 


Two ways our technology stands out and will be able to make a difference:

(1) It speeds up carbon dioxide capture in the oceans with the help of a reactor that can be placed on the ocean surface or can use ocean water with increased alkalinity as the solvent as shown above.

(2) It helps accurately measure carbon dioxide captured by Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement (OAE). Our technology would raise the Verification Confidence Level (VCL) of the process of carbon capture by OAE to 5 from currently what it is (Currently VCL of OAE is in the range 1-2), thereby help commercialize the process. 

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