We are also in the process of developing our own technology that will directly remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at a price that is almost at par with natural carbon removal solutions, thereby brining the cost of Novotons way down and make removal economically viable to all businesses and affordable to individuals.  

REMi is our very own Direct-Air-Capture (DAC) technology. This is the only technology that is easily scalable to Gigatons. What makes this technology special is its ability to process trillions of cubic meters of air, which other DAC technologies are incapable of, though their technology is quite efficient in capturing. Inability to process trillions of cubic meters of air is the only deterrent in scaling direct air capture. 

Air contains 412 PPM of carbon dioxide, which is 0.75g in 1 cubic meters of atmospheric air. In order to remove a million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, a staggering 1.34 trillion cubic meters of air needs to be processed and to remove a gigaton of carbon dioxide, the system should be able to process 1.34E+15 cubic meters of air and this is currently impossible with existing technologies.

Our technology is the only DAC technology in the world that is able to process trillions of cubic meters of air leading to the removal of a million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The Technology

Our photocatalysis based technology involves sucking in atmospheric air and releasing the air at the bottom of a UV illuminated aqueous dispersion of photocatalytic nanoparticles. While the bubbles travel upward, they undergo photocatalytic reduction and we have observed that 99.4% of the carbon dioxide in air is reduced to other compounds, which are absorbed at exist and carbon dioxide free air is released into the atmosphere. We are currently exploring possibilities to see if the byproducts can be converted into carbon neutral fuel. 

Mathematical models have shown that the following arrangement is able to process 1.35 trillion cubic meters of air in a year, thereby removing 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in a year. 

Novonanmek Material Sciences Pvt Ltd.jpg

The diagram above shows a pool that is 100m in diameter and 2.5m high. Aqueous dispersion of photocatalytic nanoparticles are filled up to 1 m from the floor of the pool. Air is sucked in via high power fans powered by renewable energy that suck in 1.35 trillion cubic meters of air in a year.  

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