A Zen Saying

There is a zen saying “If you want to climb a mountain, begin at the top”.

This saying is tremendously important. It took me years to find out what exactly it means.

What does this mean?

It means, if I do not attach any condition (others may put a thousand conditions, but if I don’t), I am there the moment I start or just at the thought of climbing the mountain. Then whatever happens on the way, I handle it and it will be a lot easier are there are no conditions attached.

Conditions are like time taken to reach, speed, the means, whether barefoot or wearing proper gear, whether after climbing I will receive recognition from the masses or from the mountain climbing fraternity, whether I will be alive, etc.

If you want to paint , just pick up the brush and start – do not attach any conditions to it like whether it will be good or bad or whether it will receive acclaim etc. Without conditions you are already there.

If you want to do anything, then just start. Do not attach any conditions and keep going. Tackle hindrances as and when they come. You are there the moment you start.


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