Are you really the person in the Mirror?

Yesterday I was very depressed. I was trying to cry but was not able to, it was very hard. Generally what happens when you are depressed, you do not like to look at your own face in the mirror (We will discuss about it later in another post about why we do not like to see our own faces in the mirror when we are depressed). 

But I tried hard and faced myself. I was not able to make an eye contact with myself. I stood in front of the mirror and was looking at my depressed face. Suddenly something struck me in my mind. I asked myself, What am I looking at? 

What does the mirror reflect? Does it really reflect me? 

I saw my hands, my feet, my eyes, nose, my forehead. But was I my nose? Was I my eyes? Was I my hands? Was I my legs? They were no different than any one else. The hands, legs, face etc were no other that any one else. There might be minor differences in the length and skin color etc. But they were basically the same. I went closer and saw my hands, nails, my face, my eyes very closely. I was searching for the depression. But I could not. 

I only saw my body and it was no different than a branch of a tree. Both the branch and my body is alive. I could feel my heart beat, my pulse beat, my breathing, there was blood flowing incessantly and reaching every part of my body. I compared a picture of mine that was just beside the mirror my me, when I was about 4 years old. It was not the same me. I realized my look has changed, I have grown in height over the years. My face looks different now. 

A tree also grows in size and shape. It is alive. It bears leaves and flowers. The branch of the tree also operates without its control. It is for sure that the bearing of leaves and flowers are functioning without the control of the tree. Some intelligence is must be there. I cannot force a tree to bear leaves and flowers. No human can, they how is it happening? 

I realized that, all these things, like heart beat, the pulse beat, the breathing, the blood flowing, growth in height were not under my control. My heart and pulse beat when I am asleep. The blood flows when I am asleep, when I am not in control. I am continuously breathing since the time I was born. There are billions of cells in the body who are performing its own functions without fail. They know what exactly to do. Who has told them and Instructed them? They must be following some instructions given by someone. There must be some intelligence in them. Something that is beyond humans. Because without we instructing they perform their functions. They do not forget to do their duty. Billions of cells performing their function without fail throughout my life and that too without my control! It is unbelievable. 

I was puzzled for a moment. The major functions of my body were being performed incessantly without my control. Without the heart beat, without the pulse, without the blood flow, without the breathing, I would Immediately die. But I am alive without my control. My body was working without my control. 

But the strange face is that, despite my body functioning without my control, all the major functions that happen without my control – I STILL CALL MY BODY “MINE”. I say it is “MY BODY”. As if I created it and I make it work. As if I make it work all the time, I make it work the time I am asleep, when I am unconscious, senseless, or whether I am in a coma. The fact is that I don’t make it work at all. But I still call it “My Body” – What a fool I am. 

Actually the body and the tree belong to the same Intelligence – It is called existence or Creation. By we call it ours. WE ARE DEFINITELY NOT OUR BODY. 

I did not get what I was looking for, the depression. It was definitely not in my body. I could not be because the body is not mine. And since the depression was mine ( I was depressed or I am depressed), and the body was not mine – then the depression cannot be found in the body for sure. If something is mine, I will surely not be able to find it somewhere else. It was definitely not in the body. So, the depression was not a part of the body – I was sure. 

If the body is not ours then from where is the “MY” coming? Why do we always keep calling it “My Body” – The “My” in the Depression and the “My” in the Body – I understand the depression as of now – but why the “My” is there as far as the body is concerned? 

We will see this in the next post.

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