Consciousness and Creativity

“With human beings there are two possibilities. Either he can be an agent of his mind, which old, which is knowledge or he can be an agent of Consciousness, which is GOD, which is the supreme Intelligence, the Creation.

If he chooses to remain an agent of his mind, he remains old, he never creates, because the  mind is not the creator. If he chooses his consciousness, he starts creating, his whole life becomes new. The choice is left to him”

We have been learning from the time we were born. Learning happens automatically because it is pure space when we are born. That is why a child learn anything new faster than adults. Whatever inputs we get through the sense, it gets stored in our Consciousness, which is pure space. All that we take in, is knowledge. Whatever we see, whatever we hear, whatever we read, whatever is taught, whatever we practice, it gets stored in our memory and forms our mind. Our mind is nothing but all your past knowledge, jumbled up like noodles in space. The space is consciousness. The knowledge forms the mind. So, there is knowledge and there is consciousness. Since, at this moment, now, whatever we have accumulated was in the past, all our knowledge is of the past. When we are spontaneous to this moment, we are not referring to the knowledge that we have gained in the past. Referring to our minds and the stored knowledge, means referring to the past. Nothing new can come out of it. But we get into auto mode, we constantly keep referring to our minds, even if we do not want. Referring to our minds is thinking. Thinking simply is browsing through the contents in our memory. Nothing new comes out of it.

Let us say you have joined a music school because you want to learn playing Guitar.

Initially it is very difficult. You will find all excuses not to go to the school to learn. There is a desire to learn because you know how beautiful it is and how sweet it sounds and if you play well, it makes you popular. But whenever you have to go to the music school, you get irritated.  You will find all the excuses not to go. Even if you go, you are not able to concentrate. It will be so difficult that to learn a single note, it takes months. You start becoming impatient. You  somehow drag for few more days and may quit after few months of torture. Most of us do quit and try to avoid things that are new. This is because we are confined to our minds and we do not have spaces to be filled with the new. Creation of spaces to let the new come in, is the only objective of humans. Consciousness is the space where this learning happens.  This is the place where everything new is stored, when we make space. It is stored when we force in something new. It has to forced initially because  For the new learning to be stored space is required and that is not there. This causes enormous resistance and we quit. The space where everything happens, even the unimaginable happens, is consciousness. But we cannot do the unimaginable because we do not have access to our consciousness. We are limited to our minds and Knowledge. But we are unaware that there is something that goes beyond our minds, that is our consciousness and it has the ability to take in the whole universe.

What you can do is in this situation – Use what I call the “Third Force”

“The ability to stick to one decision in your life..solves all your takes you forward, this one decision is a third force..the opposites are first and second..there will be various rights and wrongs (First and second)..there will be various good and bad (First and Second)..but the decision goes beyond is the Third Force..This will make you go beyond the good and bad..the right and wrong..otherwise you keep swinging between the first and second..” Gautama Buddha used the third force for his enlightenment. A third force is a commitment. He took a decision that he would not get up till the time he has the answers to all his questions, and was committed to it. Gautama Buddha became the third force.

After using the third force, you start learning music. Music was beyond your knowledge, it was not a part of your mind but you have “decided” to go into it. You have decided to create space. Remember, all decisions are to create space or are taken to expand your consciousness. Initially you resisted, but you have forced yourself into it and the new knowledge – MUSIC – forces into your consciousness creating space.  If there is no space, how will the new come in?  Even you have learnt little you have created some space. You have started. If there is no space,  It will always stay out, that means you will never learn. It is so full now that you will not allow anything else to come in. This is your resistance. You feel this resistance as some block in your body. You must have felt it in many unwanted situations that you encounter in day to day life.

But now since you have taken the help of the third force, despite the felling of resistance, you slowly create space and learning is forced inside. The  third force itself created little space for the start. It crated space for the first step. You then start gaining knowledge from your teacher.  The space keeps increasing. Things starts getting easier as more and more space is created. You slowly, as years pass, master all that can be taught by your teacher. You master all the books and everything that is available. By the time you learn everything that is available, you have created enough space and music becomes very easy, it just flows without any resistance.

But do you start creating? Do you start something that no one has done before?

No, because you are still confined to your teacher and books and all that is available outside. 

During these time, there is a chance that a person quits. He thinks that he has learn everything. He gets bored and irritated. Because it is the same thing he is doing again and again. 

What we do not understand is that during the course of learning over these years, we have expanded our consciousness to a very high degree. Now if one continues, he GOES BEYOND KNOWLEDGE, HE GOES BEYOND LEARNING, HE GOES BEYOND MIND.

Now, he has consumed everything that is available. What happens if he still keeps playing his guitar? What will he play, what will he refer to? his teacher, his Books, the websites, NO. If he stops playing, he will remain an agent of the books, the external knowledge, of his mind. But if he keeps playing, having created the space, creation will play its music, it will be called his composition, it will be the music of the supreme intelligence, the only creator.

If he sits with is guitar, with all the books closed and away from his teacher, his fingers will move on their own and something new will be created. He will go beyond all that and start CREATING MUSIC. In the space he created by accessing the so created space, GOD takes over him, the creation takes over him, the only intelligence takes over him and he just becomes AN AGENT OF THE SUPREME INTELLIGENCE. The kind of music he plays then or creates, goes beyond this world, goes beyond books and his teacher. At this point, he does not remain a player any more, he becomes and agent and the creation plays its music. At his point, when spaces have been created, not only music, whatever he wants he can do. This place is empty. It is pure space. If he knew cooking, and he decides to cook, in no time he will come up with a new recipe, which will again be something very new. It will again be something created by the Creation using him as an agent.  If he does not do anything, even then something will happen in the space created. Whatever happens will be that of the supreme intelligence or God whatever you may call it.

This is creativity. Creativity happens when you create space for the “Supreme Intelligence” to act making you as its agent.

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