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For doing anything, if it is not a habit or if it is new, you need space. The space will be available if your consciousness expands. Now it is trapped. Even for acting, some amount of consciousness is required. When you go more into it, spaces grow and you keep doing your work. You find space for movement. You start acting. But when you act in that space what will the outcome be, you do not know. Because this space is not yours. The space belongs to Intelligence. The only intelligence available. You do not have to be intelligent, but you have to allow the intelligence to work by creating space. When you create space, you activate the intelligent.

These are some real life examples or situations that will help you understand consciousness so that you can develop awareness. I ll keep posting one after another as and when things happen within me. Because things that happen within me that the things that happen within you. We are one and the same. Our consciousness is the same consciousness. The only difference is our conditioning. The resistance that  I feel is the same resistance that you feel. The words that are used to describe the experience may be different for both of us.

Whenever there is a block, or whenever you find anything difficult, or whenever you are unwilling to do something, understand that your consciousness has been completely consumed by your Mind. To do that new thing, which may be a part of the mind, may be old, even to do that, you will need space. Now there are no spaces left. But consciousness is infinite. The fact is that we are not aware of our consciousness.We are not aware of the infinite capacity of  consciousness. This is only because of our ego and conditioning, because of our mind. 

Example 1:

You drive to work everyday. You take the same route to office most of the days. You are one day transferred to a location which is completely in another part of the city. The route is unknown. The places are unknown. The traffic is unknown. 

You start driving from your house. You do not know the direction. You may use a GPS. On the way you keep looking and may be asking others if required. The kind of traffic is new. There may be more or less vehicles. Driving may be difficult. You will drive slow. You start early, apprehending that you might be late on the first day. 

You finally reach but it was difficult. You were completely engrossed in you driving and searching for your new office. You were driving but you were sometimes irritated. You kept asking yourself, when will you reach you new office and will curse your company for getting you transferred to the new location.

This was because, your entire consciousness was consumed by your mind. It was consumed by the new surroundings, because it was completely new. There was no prior knowledge. It was being obstructed by the existing route to your previous work place. When our consciousness is completely consumed, we become irritated. While driving, any call on you cell phone, you would have been irritated because we become completely blocked. When our consciousness is blocked, we get mentally strained. This inability to take action further becomes a cause for anger and irritation. In such situations some people, who are smokers, stop and have a smoke.

You drive to office everyday and get used to the route. Now it is easy because, the new “thing” was forced into your mind  and it created more space. Your consciousness expands. It is no longer limited to the route to your previous office. New space is created.

Now, after a month may be, you will start talking on the phone while driving, you will listen to the radio, enjoy the new surrounding, enjoy anything on the way. You may start thinking about the meeting that you will have with your team when you are in office or any work that you have to do when you reach.  And god knows what you might come up with while you are driving to work. It could be an innovation. It could be something new. There are million and one possibilities.

Earlier, driving to office was difficult. Now it is not. Because your consciousness has opened up. You have now more space. Once space created space remains, whether you drive or not and this space can be used for creativity because this space is blank.

In this example, when you drove for the first time, the new route was “something”. But after you drove for a month, it became a “NO-THING”. The new route and the driving vanishes in your consciousness. It does not consume it any longer. Now while you drive, you can do other things simultaneously. You are free while you drive. When you know something really well. It becomes a NO-THING. Then it does not block your consciousness. When it is new, it “Something”, after it becomes regular or with practice it becomes “NO-THING” it does not occupy or block your consciousness any more.

You have created consciousness this way and this way you have created space for innovation while you drive.

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