Does relationship with your customer determine customer loyalty?

Customer Relationship is a talked about subject. It is worthwhile to understand when relationship with the customers matter most.

Before the sale has taken place, when the sales team is wooing a prospective customer, the sales person or the sales manager is the link between the company and the prospective customer. During this period, the supplier is looking for an opportunity to offer its product and the relationship is necessary so that the prospective customer calls the supplier company whenever there is an opportunity. The opportunity cannot be missed at any cost in order to have the business so the the level of the relationship should be as high as possible. The relationship should be so good that the prospective customer, because of the existing relationship, calls the sales person whenever there is an opportunity. The relationship is only to avail the opportunity and may be a little more. The moment the supplier company receives a request for quotation, the relationship pays off. So, before the sale has taken place, the only link between the prospective customer and the supplier is only the sales person. He is the only link, so relationship becomes important before the sales contract has been signed.

But once the sale has taken place, the link between the company and the customer is the product – the sales person and any other person – takes a back seat. He is there only to support the product to deliver what was promised. If the product performs and customer service is delivered as promised, the relationship improves. Otherwise no matter how good the relationship is, it won’t last.

Customer service managers who are keen on improving personal relationships with their clients, should stop doing so. Instead, try to take customer service to the next level by making the product deliver results as it was promised at the time of the sale.

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