Feelings, Emotions and the Ego

Our feelings and emotions also play a major role in strengthening the ego.

Most of us are unconscious of the presence of these identities, which makes us live in our imaginary worlds, without the knowledge that we are living in this imaginary worlds. We keep labeling situations as good and bad, depending on whether the situations go with or go against our imagined identities. Whenever it goes against it, feel bad. We become sad and depressed. We feel like a failure and a loser.

Since we are more with our imaginary identities without knowing. Most of the situations that come up in our lives are  are new and we are old, old because we live in our identities and our identities are based on our knowledge and knowledge is old, it is of the past. As a result, most of the situations that we encounter in our daily lives are labelled “Bad”. All bad situations give rise to some feelings of resistance and these are either fear, sorrow, sadness. This is the same feeling of resistance that happens in all situations we oppose mentally , but we term them depending on a particular situation. 

The more we are with our ego or with our imaginary identities, the more sad we are and we develop an identity out of that feeling.  We become one with the so called “sad” feeling and resist any other feeling. All other feelings of joy, happiness and enthusiasm are resisted. Whenever the so called “good” happens, we are not able to take it because it does not go with our identity of a sad and depressed person.  This is why almost all of us are sad and depressed most of the time. Whenever any situation arise, that is resisted, all the situations in the past that had given rise to the same feeling come up and become more depressed.

A person who has developed a sad identity over the years, he has no option but to remain sad. The feeling persists all the time continuously and that person is most of the time, imagining situations that gave rise to similar feelings in the past and in his imagination resists that feeling. he is constantly in his imagination fighting with the imagination. This increases his feeling of resistance and he becomes very very sad. The more this feeling increases in intensity, the more his sad identity gets strengthened and again makes him imagine more of it. This makes him fall into a vicious cycle.

Since these imaginations and feelings are constantly getting strengthened, the become pressure tight in our mind. The feelings and imaginations associated with your major identity or your major ego occupy maximum space in your mind and are always ready to come out. Just a small pin prick and it flows out.  This pin prick is nothing but your lack of the intensity of your presence  here and now.

When you encounter a situation that does not match with one of your identities, there occurs some uneasiness inside. There is some resistance. Some emotions occur. This emotion invokes all the imaginations in the past that gave rise to similar feelings. The feeling immediately takes you to another land in your imagination, another unwanted and dreadful situation. And the feeling again increases in intensity and invokes more thoughts and imaginations. Even if the situation is not available in the database of the mind, it will create a situation using all the objects that the mind has gathered till date. Just to enhance the feeling of resistance or uneasiness.

When the person with a sad imaginary identity or a sad ego is not doing anything, his feelings of sadness will pop out. They were already in a pressure tight vessel in the mind and just needs a little pin hole to come out.  This pinhole is nothing but your lack of presence in the place where you are. You always have to force your presence in the place where you are. Since you already have a sad identity, the feeling of resistance to anything pleasant always persists, the uneasiness is always with you. You have become your feeling. You become your uneasiness. To have this feeling to continuously persist, there are imaginations happening all the time of situations in the past, which gave rise to such feelings of resistance. You start imagining all the situations in the past that lead to this feeling of resistance. With those imaginations more sad you become, and more imaginations come up. And this continues.

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