Finding Myself 3: Death & Purpose

“I know that I have limited time. Death brings the question of time into my life. I, like all of us, fear death and may be the fear associated with this limitation, will one day compel me to find something within me that is not bound by this limitation, not limited by death, does not die or something that is eternal. The more I see other people dying, the more I get reminded of my limitation and the stronger is the feeling to go beyond this limitation. Maybe to find something within me that does not die is the purpose of my birth because death is the last barrier. Since death is the last barrier, once I overcome death, there shall nothing else to overcome. With death, not being there, there cannot be any birth either because they are both sides of the same coin; one cannot exist without the other. I will then unify with the timeless, I will, like the universe, become eternal, without birth without death and timeless. May be this is what the purpose of my life is. Now I am lost, not knowing what to do I try everything, but it does not help. All my attempts to find the true purpose of my life, only take me away from what I should really be doing”.

#Death #Purpose

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