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Goddess Kali | The Endgame

Those who are commissioned to bring about mighty changes are full of the force of the Zeitgeist. Kali has entered into them and Kali, when she enters into a man, cares nothing for rationality and possibility. She is the force of Nature that whirls the stars in their orbits lightly as a child might swing a ball, and to that force there is nothing impossible. She is aghaṭanaghaṭanapaṭīyasī, very skilful in bringing about the impossible. She is the devātmaśaktiḥ svaguṇair nigūḍhā, the Power of the Divine Spirit hidden in the modes of its own workings, and she needs nothing but time to carry out the purpose with which she is commissioned. She moves in Time and the very movement fulfills itself, creates its means, accomplishes its ends. It is not an accident that She works in one man more than in another. He is chosen because he is a likely vessel, and having chosen him she neither rejects him till the purpose is fulfilled nor allows him to reject her — Sri Aurobindo, Greatness of the Individual

You cannot simply wake up one fine morning and start worshiping Goddess Kali. When, under certain special circumstances, the Goddess manifests within you, it also starts to reflect outside. When she starts manifesting within you, you start experiencing her outside of you too. You come across her image or idol. You see her in your dreams. You will be able to imagine her — your imagination is a reflection of what lies inside you — at the deepest core. You start to hear or read about her. You develop a certain degree of inquisitiveness about her. This continues and she becomes a part of your life both internally and externally.

When Her energy grows beyond a certain threshold, you become so filled with her energy, that you start emanating the energy out. You may then start chanting mantras related to her, start drawing Her image or maybe build Her idol. Remember, the outside is just a reflection of her. The real Goddess is inside — in your consciousness. Worshiping the Goddess is the effect, while the circumstances that lead to manifestation of the Goddess within an individual is the cause; it is not the other way around. If you find her around, know that she has already started to manifest herself within you. So, just anyone cannot worship her. It is up to her whether she chooses you or not. You cannot choose her. It would be wrong to say “cannot”, one can start, but will not be able to continue. She will not be around for long.

The Goddess manifests in those who are destined to bring about a paradigm shift, those who will hit the last punch. She is the Shakti in the individual who has been destined to put an end to the old and create a new order. She is the end and simultaneously the beginning.

The ten Mahavidyas, I would say, are not linear but circular — it starts and ends with the Goddess. The Goddess is the beginning and also the end.

Her iconography is indicative of: “She has finished it” or it is as if she is saying “it is all over”. There is nothing more to do. There is no remainder. There are no remnants. She has already done it. She is the endgame. When every other attempt failed to clear things off completely, She came and finished things — she wiped out the last part, that others could not wipe off. It is the law of nature (also scientifically proven) that nothing can be wiped off completely. Every action leaves a remainder. But this Goddess comes to wipe off this remainder as well.

You will see in her iconography that She has killed who she had to kill (Killing does not mean physically killing. It means rendering something completely obsolete or impotent), the remnants — the ones who are difficult to wipe off, the unyielding ones. She is wearing a garland of severed heads or skulls of the men she has killed boasting of her act of killing — She unapologetically boasts of it as if she had been waiting for long for this, she might have failed in the past (in her other forms) to wipe out the last and most difficult bit, people might have questioned her ability or she might have been ridiculed.

Now that she has wiped them off, she boasts of it.

By wiping them off, she makes up for all the time she has lost in the past (in her other forms) and everything is taken care of — existence reverts back to square one — its pristine form.

She is also unapologetically holding to display the severed head of the last one she has killed, bragging of her power and capacity to the world. Her weapon is smeared in fresh blood indicating that she has “just” finished doing it. And at the end of it, when it is over, She stops when she mistakenly puts her feet on Shiva — her eternal consort and bites her own tongue gaining back her awareness. Biting of her own tongue is indicative of her awareness coming back. Her stepping on Shiva is indicative of the fact that She has gone beyond limit and when She becomes aware of the fact that she has gone beyond limit, she bites her tongue. After stepping on Shiva She stops, unites with Shiva to again start the process of creation. Thus she is the beginning and the end together. Her stepping on Shiva is also indicative of the fact that she can do, unconsciously or in awareness, what no one could ever think of doing. No one dares to go against her. She cannot be defeated as she has gone beyond the line. Basically she has finished everyone who could have gone against her. Now there is no one left.

What is the nature of the Goddess?

The Goddess establishes dharma by ending and recreating as certain entities that deserve to be annihilated. These entities are the ones who are the most difficult ones. Nothing else works for them and at the same time the new cannot be started until the old has been completely obliterated or wiped out. Thus, the Goddess is explosive energy that can obliterate the old. The pure is never old, it is always new, pristine. But when something starts to get old, know that adharma has prevailed. She comes to clear off the adharma completely to establish a new order. You can say she is like the hydrogen bomb, beyond which there is no answer or retaliation — She is the last resort. The Goddess represents a force that brings absolute conclusion, obliterating everything in its path. She defies confinement or capture and is relentless in her capacity to destroy. The Goddess is the embodiment of pure destruction, responding fiercely to insults, false accusations, or attempts to corner and conspire against her. In such instances, she responds with lethal force, often symbolized by the severing of the offender’s head. If you see her It is as if she is telling you that she has killed them all — flaunting the garland of severed heads (generally of asuras & demons) and also the last severed head she is holding in her lower left hand, telling you that it has concluded and that this is a new beginning.

She comes last. In the meantime she allows others to play their turn. By allowing others she creates time before She manifests herself because with her entry time comes to an end. She allows everyone to play their turn and reach their limit and that is why it seems things are getting delayed — because time has been created. It seems things are getting delayed as she is the last resort — she comes last, there is no one required after her — it is the end. She comes after others have played their turns, and when she comes, she makes up for all that could not be done or for all the time that has been lost.

The Goddess fights alone and loves the brave. She loves the one-man-army. She hates and kills (again killing does not mean physically killing. It means rendering something completely obsolete or impotent) people who are spineless and because they are spineless, they come in groups. Alone they cannot cause any harm to the Goddess so they form groups and in groups, together, they try to insult the Goddess, falsely blame the Goddess, defeat or capture her. They try to win by majority. When she sees that these kinds of spineless creatures are winning by majority — she takes form and kills them all as there is no other way.

She does not speak or maybe she knows that talking serves no purpose or maybe she knows that the time to talk, discuss or argue is over. Now it is time for action. She comes at the time of action. She does not talk or argue to win, it is not her way. But she knows how to kill and she kills (Killing does not mean physically killing. It means rendering something completely obsolete or impotent). She is meant for that. For her, talking makes no sense. All the talking and arguing have been done by others and it has served no purpose — adharma could not be wiped out. When nothing works, She comes and finishes the game. She has been made for people, who are not supposed to “be told” verbally — who are not meant for verbal language. These people have caused harm to everyone who has tried to be good to them, speak to them and make them understand. She is not someone who would argue and win, but will finish them and smile. She cannot argue — it is not her way.

She doesn’t care about what people talk or think about her. She is the way she is: naked, with a weapon, Wearing a garland of skulls, drinking blood. Who drinks blood?

She is now free because now there is no one to retaliate. Because she has finished, because the game has ended, She is free. She is free to bless — she has the time to bless.

There are chances the Goddess will manifest within you if you find:

  • You are alone, others are on the other side — against you. They have purposely boycotted you to crush you and your ideas.

  • Your views are different

  • You do things differently

  • You are never heard even when you are screaming at the top of your lungs

  • You are tired of waiting.

  • You want to be at the top, but it almost seems impossible.

  • Your existence is zero — but you want to be known

  • You want to rise above all

  • You think you are running out of time

  • You think they will finally win and you have to give up

  • You think you are being cornered

  • You have lot of things at stake

  • You have tried everything, but nothing seems to work — they keep winning.

  • You are afraid. Trembling.

  • You are on the verge of getting defeated. 

And simultaneously you also find:

  • They are all together

  • They are a lobby.

  • They do not let you come out & express yourself

  • They conspire against you.

  • They conspire because they are many, you cannot because you are alone.

  • You think they are spineless but they win with majority — alone they cannot survive

  • They are doing all the wrong things.

  • They are fooling the world.

  • They are trying to drive the world in the wrong direction.

  • Together they get things done their way

At this stage, if you give up, you are defeated — you will no longer exist. But if you don’t, the Goddess, the energy, starts to manifest within you. When she is Inside, she also starts to be seen outside. She starts to show up now and then. One gets to hear about her. One takes interest in her. One starts to read and understand her. Finally, One starts to worship the Goddess. If you are able to and when you worship the Goddess, you are not worshiping an idol of hers. You are worshiping the Goddess within you. Outside is the reflection of what lies within.

Once you start to worship her, know she is already inside you. You are in the process of turning into her. If you start worshiping her, no matter how, know that the end is near — things are close to conclusion and simultaneously there will be a new beginning.

If you want to have the Goddess manifest within you, you will have to allow time to pass. If you feel that your time is being taken by others forcibly — allow; if you think others are much ahead of you and you are not able to match them — allow. By allowing, you make the Goddess manifest within you as you allow time to pass, thus creating time. At a certain point, the Goddess will manifest within you completely as nature can no longer allow time to pass — Time must have come to an end. Now the Goddess must arrive to close all pending matters and start anew. When the Goddess manifests within you — It is no longer you, but her — she will use you as a vessel, you can render them obsolete or impotent at any time, at once, when you appear. Then you will not need time. If She has not appeared yet to put things to an end, know that they have not played their turn fully. Kali allows them to play their turn fully. Later when she appears she makes up for all the time that has been taken away by others.

There will be no regrets or loss. Everything will be taken care of.

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