Human Vs Robots

The very fact that we have started building “obedient” and  so called “Artificially” intelligent robots proves that human beings cannot be made slaves. So we take the artificial way. Now we want artificial slaves because we cannot have real slaves. What a joke! This also proves our tendency to dominate and our inability to accept humans as they are. 

The invention of robots also proves the fact that we want servants, slaves and NOT INDIVIDUALS. This also proves that we always want to be superior and want people would not defy us…we all want to be emperors.

The need for slaves, the need for people to obey us, be faithful to us has given rise to so called “artificially intelligent” robots.

Any kind of slavery is bound to give rise to an uprising.

And this also proves that humans are very unpredictable. That, humans beings change”

I have been saying in my previous posts that humans have the ability to act as per the requirement of the situation, without referring to the files stored in his memory. He can act without any knowledge of what needs to be done right here and right now. This ability to act spontaneously is called Intelligence. It is a gift. It is a gift that has been given by existence or Creation to us.

This is what separates a robot, however powerful it might be, or however “artificially intelligent” you might call him. He will not be able to act without referring to his memory. 

Even if a robot is a learning machine. It will not be able to. It has to first learn, store all the data and parameters related to that situation in his memory and refer it when he faces a  similar situation in future. A little change in the situation and it will not be able to take proper action.  It is the very nature of existence that things change, every second things and situations are changing. Every moment is new. It becomes almost impossible for the robot to be effective in such an ever changing world. 

This takes away the label of “Artificially Intelligent” given to the robot by us.

A robot is programmed. No matter how good you program it. The program has come from your mind.  The program might be an innovation, but by the time you program the robot with the same new program, It has become old. The program was an innovation, when you were creating it. It was an innovation when you were with the program. Then creation was acting through you. But once created it became old, it was no longer an innovation.  Innovation is not the result, but the process of Creation of something new. The moment it is created, it becomes old.It no longer remains an innovation. All programs that are fed to the robot are old. They are a part of your memory and your memory is old. No matter now many situations you make the robot learn so that it can take appropriate action under similar circumstances, all these situation are old. They might not come in future again. And as per the very law of nature, things are changing. Under such circumstances, a robot never comes closer to a human being. A robot cannot align itself with Creation or cannot become an agent or existence. But Humans can. Have you ever seen a robot create? Have you ever seen a robot innovate? No. 

Have you ever seen a robot being enlightened? Have you ever seen a robot becoming Buddha? No.

It is our consciousness that has given us the ability to innovate. It is our consciousness that has given ourselves the ability to act spontaneously to a situation, without using our minds. It is our consciousness that has given the ability to get Enlightened.

Robots do not have consciousness. Robots do not innovate.

If you are able to see this distinction between robots and humans, you will know a lot about innovation and creativity. 

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