I am little of everything

I am little of everything. I am a little of a writer. I am little of a blogger. I am a little of a businessman. I am little of a researcher. I a little of a scientist. I am little rich . I am little good. I am little of everything I have always wanted to be.

But I am not completely anything. Why? Why do I call myself “little”? What is making me little and not complete? What would make me complete? What am I waiting for?

I am actually waiting for recognition from others. So, till the time I am not recognized by the masses, do I remain incomplete? Yes, because our “Self” or “who we are” depends on the other. The “I” exists only if “You” exists. When people recognize me, the see me larger than themselves, this makes me be. My “self” is strengthened when more people look up to me. So, my whole life, I strive for recognition.

It is not that my work is incomplete. It is complete, everyone of us are utterly complete but the Striving for recognition keeps me incomplete. If we watch our minds we will see that the mind continuously creates stories, of which we are a part, making us bigger than the masses.

If I do not strive for recognition, I am complete.

Then I should start saying: I am a writer, I am a blogger, I am a businessman, I am a researcher and I am a scientist. I shall not use the word little any longer.

We have already arrived. We are already perfect. If we are ever recognized, we shall be recognized for whatever we are.


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