Innovation Cannot be forced, Innovation Happens!

Innovation is the process of bringing the new into the world. And the new cannot come from the mind, i.e through thinking. If you carefully understand the mind, it consists of only knowledge. The mind is composed of all the information that we have accumulated till date. It consists of all the knowledge that we have gained from people, places, books, magazines, articles, research, things and objects etc etc. All these information that has been stored in our memory constitutes our data base. And this data base is old. Old because this knowledge consists of things that are already there, things that are already existing, otherwise how would it be available in books, magazines, articles and other sources of knowledge. Then it would not be in our memory. We must have had this information collected somewhere, sometime in the past. When we “think”, we only search through our data base of old files and perform permutations and combinations with the available data. Therefore thinking cannot lead to creation of something new. Thinking cannot be used to Innovate, because whatever we think is all old. Even our goals are a part of this knowledge. All goals are from the memory; whatever we decide to create in the future, has already been in the past, otherwise we would not be able to make it into a goal. So making a goal to innovate something is also futile; we are bound to reinvent the wheel in a different way. Real innovation happens when we force ourselves to go beyond the mind.

The complete article can be found at Innovation Cannot be Forced, Innovation Happens!

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