Life, the only beloved

We and life are supposed to be one, but we have moved away from life.

We do not listen to life. It is calling but we are deaf. Life wants to pull you towards itself, as your moving away brings it pain, the way it pains us if we move away from it. The relationship is so intimate that moving away from it causes us emotional pain. Moving away from life is the only source of our sorrow.

Life is the only beloved!

We both – life and ourselves, are in pain when separate. Since we do not know what is causing us pain, we are full of other desires. Unfortunately, there is no desire to be “life itself”. What we know is a to-do list. What we see is only an imaginary future. We cover the pain of separation with life with the painkiller called entertainment, future planning, and desires.

Life is calling us but we are doing something else. When life pulls us hard, we have no option but to be taken away from the thing we were engaged with. We think we are having a bad time, but No. The story is different. We are a leaf and life is a tree. We just need to remember it. The leaf thinks it is only the leaf and has not seen the tree and its connection with the three. The leaf has to open its eyes.

The only way to be with life and sync with it is to not act unless called. Act only if it calls you. Act only if a situation arises that compels you to act. When it calls you, you will know. It will make do whatever it wants you to do because we are a very small part of it.

Always remember, act only when there is no option other than to act. Everything else is extra. If life is not calling you, do nothing.

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