My New Book – “The Mystic Entrepreneur”

I just self published my book “The Mystic Entrepreneur” on Amazon

The book points out that it is high time India should have an entrepreneurship revolution. The book brings about the major reason why entrepreneurship has not happened in India the way it has happened in the west. The Author points out that it is mainly because of the conditioning of the Indians during the 200 years of the British rule in India that has turned the egos of the Indians to be that of slaves. Since the egos, which lie at the core of every individual, has been turned to that of slaves, it is very difficult now for Indians to be leaders. Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship are traits of Leaders. These are traits of rebels. The authors points out that this way Indians have become very dependent and have have lost the courage to do things on their own. Because of this dependency, the imperialism has now changed from political to economic, but imperialism has remained imperialism.

The author points that, ego is nothing more than a stream of repeated thought pattern which controls our behavior. The only thing that makes the ego so dominating is the lack of awareness of the it being there. The book replicates the thought and behavioral patterns that stop young Indians from being an entrepreneur, so as to make them aware of these patterns. The book serves to be their egos. The more one reads the book, the more he or she will be aware of the behavioral and thinking patterns and eventually do away with them. The book will help you to be ready for the plunge. The book has been written keeping India in focus, however it would help any prospective entrepreneur from any country.

The book tells you that entrepreneurship is only about making the dreams of millions of people come true and nothing else and there is no end to the desires of humans. The only thing the entrepreneur needs to do is to know the desires.The books talks about a very different way to innovate, that would make millions happy.

The book suggests that college is the best time to innovate and college students should make the best use of this time for innovation and creation and talks about how recruiting college interns can give a good shape to your start-up. The books also suggests how existing entrepreneurs can start an entrepreneurship revolution in India which can help both aspiring entrepreneurs and existing ones.

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