One touches rock bottom

After enlightenment, I felt very small. Now, everyone was better than me. And yes, it has to happen that way as a person feels big and strong only when he is able to attach himself to a story or is able to be a part of a story. After enlightenment, he or she is no longer able to be a part of any story.

Life has defeated him completely. A person has been completely defeated by life, by the natural law and at the same time, it is also the end of his or her EGO.

After which there is peace. There is no harm is feeling small. Prior to enlightenment, I was small but being small was a struggle. After enlightenment, one is smaller than everyone but there is no trouble. One is in a kind of peace that cannot be disturbed any longer.

At enlightenment, whatever has to fall has fallen, now there is nothing to fall. One has reached rock bottom and completely in the hands of the divine.

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