Take Life as an Experiment

We all are conducting experiments all our lives. Whatever we do is an experiment, but we are not aware of it. Let us see how.

We all know that, tomorrow is unknown – Rather i should say tomorrow does not exist – tomorrow is just speculation of the mind – OR THE KNOWLEDGE THAT TOMORROW EXISTS BRINGS THE MIND IN OR THE existance of the MIND MAKES TOMORROW. If tomorrow is just speculation then the results of all the actions that we do today are just speculations – they are not real – they are imaginary – they are based on what we have seen for others – if someone starts a business, we have seen that he has earned a lot of money and has become rich. We than start a business and also speculate that we will also earn a lot of money and fame. So the results of others become the result of ours. But in reality we do not know, but we keep speculating – all day and night we keep speculating. Or rather I should say, the Mind keeps speculating for speculation is its job, otherwise it is not needed – without the mind there is no tomorrow.

If tomorrow is not there, there results of the actions are not there – then the next moment is also a speculation -The results are also speculation – then at this moment, the action and the results merge into ONE AND THE SAME – or the results are the actions or actions are the results. You cannot have both. You have to decide – either you chose action or you chose results. There can be either doing or happening. There cannot be both together. At this moment, only one is possible.

For persons, who has decided to meditate, those who have decided to just sit, people with Gigantic Will like those of Gautama the Buddha, it was only happening – Initially it was doing, sitting is also doing, thinking is also doing -but with time it became ONLY HAPPENING. THERE WAS NO DOING AND ONLY HAPPENING. These people with Gigantic will, have decided not to act and let things happen and for them, it was only happening. No doing. These kind of people are very rare, because it requires tremendous will power and tremendous courage. But for others, for those who cannot leave this world, there is only action. There is only doing and no happening. For these people, action and all and no results. Initially results will be in the mind, but with will power and understanding, there remains only action.

For both, initially it is doing, and later it becomes happening. Both the roads lead to the same truth.

We are result oriented – we first speculate the result and then action begins for us. The Idea of the result is from the outside – we see someone doing well in a certain profession, we make that profession into a goal – and make his results our own result and start working; success and failure depends on whether we achieve what he has achieved. WE MAKE HIS TODAY OUR TOMORROW. WHAT WE SEE TODAY, BECOMES OUR TOMORROW – someone sees us do something, he also makes my goal as his..and then many people are chasing the same goal, hundreds are chasing the same dream – then starts competition, who reaches first, who earns more wealth – who has a better position in society – thus in the competition, it becomes either you or me..we become separated – we become divided into “you” and “I”. This leads to the formation of the “I”, the ego. There is always a race to superiority.

So the results do not exist. There is either only action or only happening. We need to work, we need to earn a living, but at the same time we have to live in this world of misery – there is fear, there is failure and all other things.

Since there is nothing which is a result and result is nothing but a speculation – we have utter freedom now. We are frozen because we think from the point of the result. The question comes what will happen if we fail, and this stops us from exploring this world. We do not explore. We do not dare to explore.

You can either unknowingly perform experiments or You can purposely perform experiments, using your will.

My suggestion is whatever you do, you do it as an experiment – will fully. What happens in an experiment? There is a procedure and there are observations. You follow the procedure, and just observe the results – remember JUST OBSERVE. In an experiment, there is no failure or success. There are only observations. So you observe – DO AND OBSERVE – DO AND OBSERVE.


All your actions till date have been experiments only – we did the experiments unknowingly – or we did not experiment at all – the fear of failure stopped us from conducting experiments with life – 

If you feel today that you are a failure – look at the past as if you had conducted all experiments and all the so called “results” were  just observations – neither failure nor success – and also promise that all your actions will be just experiments – and you will observe the results – just observe!

Everyone of us are conducting experiments throughout our lives – day in and day out -but we are unaware that we are conducting experiments – whatever we do are no more than experiments – because there are no results as I have said before. When the results do not exist, whatever we do it is no more than experiments. This has to be remembered.

Everyone is conducting experiments – the person who is happy and successful and the person who is sad and a failure – success but they are not aware of it. They think that they are successful or a failure – they are unaware of the fact that they are just observing the results and the results are either making them happy or sad. They are connecting themselves to the results rather than observing.

The results are different and the happiness and sadness that comes with the result are different. Sadness comes or happiness comes when you fail to observe the result, but you become the result.Then you are not the observer, then you are the observed. You become success or failure  – but you should be only watching or observing the results.

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