The Ordinary and final death

There are two types of death. One is an ordinary death and the other is called final death beyond which there is no birth. Buddha called this final death “MahaParinirvana“.

We carry our past life along with us in this birth. The past exists as it has been incomplete, and this is the reason why it is the past. Anything that is incomplete remains, becomes our past. Our past and present are separated our physical body. The physical body is the representation of the present to the past. The physical body protects the past.

The past needs to be protected till the time it merges with the present. So in case of an ordinary death only the physical body is replaced to protect the past. Physical body just acts as a protection for the past and protects it till the time the incomplete past becomes complete. This replacement of the outer physical body is called rebirth.

If the incomplete past is completed leading to complete elimination of the past, while the physical outer body remains intact, that is during the lifetime of a human being, it is called enlightenment. This results in hollowness, emptiness or shunyata (as Buddha called it) internally as the physical body carried the past in its womb and suddenly, at enlightenment, there is nothing. In this case when the body falls, there remains nothing. There is nothing to be protected till its completion. There is then no need of another physical body to protect the past. There is no birth necessary. This death is called MahaParinirvana.

One jumps out of the cycle of birth and death.

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