The Tree

When a person becomes Natural at enlightenment, he becomes just as natural as a tree. He becomes almost stagnant or quasi static. When we look at a tree, it seems the tree is doing nothing. Looking at the trunk, it seems there is nothing going on within. It seems it has no work to do. It seems the tree is not growing at all. But one fine day we see that there are hundreds of leaves, flowers, the trunk has thickened and there are fruits hanging. But apparently it seemed that the tree is jobless or stagnant or as if nothing is happening.

After enlightenment one finds it very difficult to find something to do. He does not know what to do. There are no stories one can associate himself with, from whom he can draw a sense of self, be who he is. Our efforts are mainly towards maintaining the sense of self that we draw from associating ourselves with a story. Our to-do lists are all directing towards associating ourselves with new stories or strengthening our presence in existing stories.

A person works to bear the load of the stories that he associates himself with – hence all his work and trouble. These stories we know are temporary and will fall with time and hence our work to save ourselves. There is no escape and one has to fall with the stories when time comes. The stories are picked up automatically and so is our work. Hence we are always loaded

An enlightened person has been defeated by life to such an extent that all his stories have come to an end permanently. So, there is no burden to maintain these stories and thus no associated work. There is absolutely no driving force. He is free and enjoys his freedom.

Just like a tree, an enlightened person is always apparently jobless but he has become an instrument of nature. Nature accomplishes everything via this enlightened person.

At last just like a tree, everything is accomplished.

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