Treadmill & the Truck

Imagine a treadmill is place on a moving truck. There is a person sometimes walking, running or jogging on the treadmill. This person is unaware of the arrangement that he is running on the treadmill and the treadmill is placed on the truck.

Since the truck is moving, he thinks that his efforts are making him move as he is neither aware of the treadmill nor the truck. He sometimes puts a lot of effort, runs very fast, sometimes slow and sometimes he walks as per the need of the situation and thinks all his movement is only because of his efforts. He thinks, if he runs faster, he will cover more distance.

Slowly as time passes, his treadmill starts to malfunction. His efficiency no longer remains the way it was before. He is not able to complete it to-do lists, or fulfill his desires. The stories that he used to be a part of are no longer sustainable. His goals are no longer achievable. He keeps changing his goals. Sometimes he wants to be this and sometimes that. He finds it very difficult to be somebody. He starts losing.He may lose his job or might also go through divorce and lose his family. Or might lose a near and dear one. He might also falls sick.

This is a very stressful time for him. Most of the people during this period are depressed. Many have suicidal thoughts.

A day comes comes when the treadmill completely stops. This day he realizes the presence of the treadmill, the truck and the whole arrangement. He realizes that the treadmill was an illusion. All his movements and achievements did not matter. He realizes that his hard work did not matter as he was actually being carried by the truck and was not moving as a result of his own efforts. He realized that day that his achievement were not as a result of his own efforts but it was where the truck took him. He realized that his efforts did not make the truck move. The truck moved on its own and was beyond his control.

That day he stopped making efforts and sat silently on the truck and still covered distance. He did not decide is destination, but based on his experience, started to trust the truck.

The treadmill represented his will and the truck represented the will of Nature. The day the treadmill failed his “will” failed as the “will” of nature took over. This is called enlightenment. That day he could distinguish between reality (truck) and illusion (the treadmill). Since the destination was unknown, no effort to reach the destination was made.

Generally depressed people are going through the phase between the time when their treadmill starts to fail and fails completely. This has to be understood well and when one understands this well, they will no longer be depressed, but wait for the treadmill to fail completely. They will no longer try to repair the treadmill and allow it to fail completely.

And once the treadmill (The will) fails, a new day will dawn.

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