Trust, Teamwork & Leadership

Someone said if he is not able to trust me, it does not matter how smart I am.

My reply was:

Not trusting is like holding the other responsible when I am the one who is not being able to trust. Trus does not ask “Who are you” or “where have you been?”. Trust just trusts! Its function is to trust and not bring in doubt as a partner.

By trusting we allow the other to express himself or herself. Everyone expresses oneself differently and it has to be as we are humans and are utterly unique.

While in a team, trust plays a major role. The job of a leader is to trust and turn the vagaries of individual expression into a beautiful collage.

The question is not whether I am able to trust you or not, the question is whether I am courageous enough to go ahead with all my misgivings… Tell me, should I not take the risk? Someone has to start. Should we not be courageous to trust the other?… someone has to go ahead, no matter how scary or shaky he or she is…otherwise life comes to a standstill…

It is courage that makes a leader…I will definitely not lose a smart person because I am the one who is afraid…

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