Uncovering your Uniqueness: Part 1

Life is a set of multiple-choice questions like we have in a test. You start answering the moment you are born. Some questions you will answer correctly, some wrongly and others might be left unanswered. All the questions are very alluring. All will seem quite thrilling to solve them. It will seem as if they will require only a little effort and we are through. But it is not the case. They are in most cases illusions, a trap. In most cases they are unsolvable.

What should you do if you find that a question is not solving?

If you keep trying to solve a question when it is not solving, you are trapped in the question itself. The question is called “Maya” or illusion. Your actions become “Karma”. So, you are not suffering because of your past deeds but you are choosing your karma and hence suffering. You may decide not to solve the problem. It is your choice.

The questions are automatically being placed before you like in a conveyor belt. If you get stuck in one, you get carried in the belt along with that particular question. The conveyor belt is called “Time”. If you get stuck in one question, you keep traveling in time (The conveyor belt) and get trapped in the cycle of birth and death. So, if you are able to solve a question in the time given to you, do it or leave it and let it pass. It is that simple!

Let us say we are given a hundred questions. When you cross the hundredth question, you might have solved some correctly, some incorrectly and some questions will be left unanswered. Answering all questions correctly is not the objective, but to reach and cross the given set of questions is the objective. If there are 100 questions, you may solve 60 correctly, 10 incorrectly and 30 shall remain unanswered. Or, you might correctly solve 10; incorrectly 60 and 30 shall remain unanswered. Whatever is the case, it is you. Your score defines you. Everyone’s count will be different as each one of us is unique.

This is what we were meant to become.

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