Understanding Consciousness Part 1

Consciousness cannot be defined and hence cannot be understood by the mind. It can only be experienced. If it was defined it would have become a “thing” and it would have become a part of your mind. It would have become a thought. That is why consciousness has not been defined till date. It cannot be defined.

Consciousness can only be experienced. However there are proofs of its existence. Anything that can be experienced, exists. Some thing that you know, something that is within your ken, may not exist, you may only know it.

Following are some of my thoughts on what the consciousness is. They are haphazard and not in order, but it will give you some feeling about the fact that it exists. It has to be random. It can only be felt. There is no definition of consciousness.

In my opinion, Consciousness can be defined as “unlimited space”. It is the space in which everything happens. There is no difference between outer space and our consciousness. 

Consciousness contains everything that you can “think of”.

All your thoughts are a part of your consciousness. 

All your imaginations are a part of consciousness.

Consciousness is the medium in which all thoughts and imaginations happen.  Consciousness is the place where the inner talk happens. Everything internal happens in consciousness. If you are able to know your inner talk, if you are able to see what are the imaginations. Then you have created space and you have gone beyond your mind and have accessed consciousness.

It is another universe. In the universe, real things happen, in human consciousness imaginary things happen.

Whatever is outside, is also inside. There is another universe inside.

Consciousness gives you freedom. Freedom to make a choice. When consciousness evolves, one no longer is dependent on the thoughts and are not controlled by the thoughts. He becomes free to do anything. 

All innovations happen in the spaces available when awareness develops. When one is able to get over thoughts and access the vast space of Consciousness.  It is blank space is you are free to create anything there.

In the post – The voice, the knower and the Actor, I have mentioned that there are voices inside. There is someone talking all the time and if we sit quietly, we will be able to hear that voice. I have also mentioned about imaginations.

Your mind consists of these voices and Imaginations. 

There is someone or something who is aware of these voices and Imaginations. I have defined that “someone” or “something” as the “Knower” The knower is the “Awareness”. When you develop awareness, when you develop more and more eyes and ears inside, you are developing consciousness. You are becoming spacious inside.

Consciousness is the sum of “Voices and Imaginations and the Knower”. Unless the knower evolves, you will not be able to understand consciousness.

Consciousness is unending so it can be taken as a constant. 

The “Knower” or awareness has to be developed. It has not evolved as yet in humans, otherwise, this would not have been the condition of humanity as it is today.

We are unaware that consciousness can be as unending as the universe. More the knower, lesser the voices. The voices are nothing as compared to the knower. But for someone who is not a “Buddha”, there are only voices and Imaginations. There is no knower. The consciousness is confined only the the voices and imaginations. He is left with no choice. He works like a robot, artificially intelligent. Artificially intelligent because he has no access to the supreme Intelligence, which is the only intelligence.

For him It is “tight”. There is no space left. only when there is space, the knower can get inside and look at or know the voices and Imaginations.

One day if our awareness may grow to that extent that the voices and Imaginations may completely vanish. It is as if, a speck of sand in the universe. It will have no existence.

A state of no thought is consciousness. In this situation, the consciousness will only consist of the knower and there will be no voices inside.

As awareness grows, more and more space is available to us “inside”.This space gives us freedom.

Another point – We dream. In our dreams, we are a part. If the dream is considered to be a movie for the sake of understanding, we are one of the protagonists. But who then is watching the dream. It is your awareness who is watching the dream. The inner eyes are watching the dream.

Consciousness is the medium in which the dream happens. I ll keep writing again and again on consciousness as and when I experience an expansion of consciousness. I ll try to relate it to our day to day experiences so that all of you reading my posts will understand.

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