Voice of the Ego

From the point of view of Entrepreneurship, it is very important to know what these voices inside are saying. These voices will let you know about our deepest dreams and desires. And Since we are all of one society, all our dreams and desires are same. Once you know your dreams and desires, you know the dreams and desires of almost all people, because all our desires are same. Because we all belong to one society. Once you know the dreams and desires, you can help fulfill them and they will love to pay you in return. Most of the time we do not know what are dreams, desires and needs are. The more you are separate from the Ego and listen to the voice, the more aware you will be.

From the previous posts, you know about the inner voice and how the voice is continuously talking. You are quiet outside, but the voice inside is always talking. 

Our inner talk arises because we are all silently talking in our imaginations. In our imagination we are creating imaginary situations and playing our role there. We are questioning and ourselves answering being the other imaginary person present in the situation. This us utter madness. But most of the time we are unaware of it.

I have told you about all your your identities and that they are innumerable in number and in your mind, you place yourself in so many different situations day in and day out. You know that the deeper these situations have made a mark in your mind, the more space they occupy in their mind and the easily pop out making imagination happen on its own. This process of flowing out information happens on its own and is completely beyond your control and your internal dialogues are also beyond your control. They happen on their own.

If the number of identities you have developed are more and stronger, and they take you automatically to your imagined worlds without your control, the movement of you into your imagined worlds happen on its own. You are here, but you have moved to another world, and you do not know. They pull you inside like a black hole. They are very powerful. And when you reached, it takes no time, it happens in a blink of an eye, you start playing your role there. You talk, you argue, you order and do whatever required in that imagined situation.

Next moment you are here and now, you are in the moment. You start comparing your present with your imagination. If the imagination was something more pleasant than your present, you start arguing and condemning the present moment. If you are forced to be in your office and in your imagination is that you are on a holiday with your wife, you start abusing your boss, the office, the colleagues and everything. You want to prove that this office is pathetic and you are so unlucky. It is actually happening internally and since you are unaware what is happening internally, you start doing the same things, that voice is doing. You become one with the voice.

The voice can be known, when you make a firm decision. If you decide to keep quiet, if you make a firm decision that you will stay in your office and not talk despite the urge, you will be able to detect the voice inside. If you move to a quiet place, you will be able to detect the voice. If you go the the toilet and spend some time there, just for the sake of an experiment, you will detect the voice, because in the bathroom, there are no distractions.

A firm decision needs to be taken. These voices are the product of these imaginations. When the imaginations are there, the voices will be there. If the imaginations vanish, the voices will also vanish. If you know the imaginations, you will detect the voice and vice-versa. The voice is more prominent and hence can be detected easier than the imaginations can be detected.

When you start listening to the voice, you will know what you are imagining, because the voice will correspond to the imagination that is happening in your mind. Once you have detected the voice, the knower in you had emerged. But there are chances that another voice comes up and starts arguing with the voice that is there. This is again falling in a trap, or going into another imagination. Ever voice is a result of an Imagination. 

When you start listening to the voice, just say “STOP” and you become the knower.

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