What leads to Enlightenment?

I had been leading two lives till my enlightenment.

I was carrying with myself my previous life and at the same time, this life, this present moment . Standing in between my past and present was my physical body. The physical body acts as in interface between the past and the present.

In other words the physical body helps bring my past life into this life making the past continue in this life as well, but both of them are distinctly separate.

The past exists as it is incomplete. Had it been complete, it would not exist. The past awaits its completion and that is why it has been carried to this life from my previous expecting the physical body would help complete the incomplete past in this life time and thus the journey would end. If not, it would again be carried to the next life and would expect completion in the next. The journey of the past would continue.

Enlightenment happens when the past life and this life becomes continuous, which is now distinctly separated by the physical body. A the past and present becomes continuous, the past need not exist, its attachment to the physical body would end. It then need not sit on the physical body’s shoulder and travel from one lifetime to another.

Our incomplete life is an manifestation of an incomplete past that we care carrying with ourselves in our consciousness, and shows up in every sphere. We are continuously incomplete and with this incompleteness in our consciousness stories form automatically in this life making us a part of the story. Every story of ours is a blind attempt to make us complete but every story fails. We keep shifting from one story to another and keep going till the time we encounter our past life in this lifetime.

When we encounter our past life in this lifetime there is remembrance – not a direct but an indirect one as we do not remember our past. The physical body that helped keep the incomplete past incomplete, starts to move away giving way for the past to meet the present and become one.

This is a time of tremendous pain and sorrow. The stories that were the result of an incomplete past kept incomplete by the physical body, start to fail. We start to become “nobody”. The stories earlier gave us a sense of “Self”. The physical body start to dissociate from the past. In other words, the past cease to exist as it reaches completion. On completion of the merger of the past and present, the past ceases to exist. What exists is the present moment comprising of the physical body and the surroundings. But since the physical body exists and the past existed somewhere within the body, internally, the past is felt as a Hollow interior.

It seems as if the physical body is floating midair without anything to stand on. What is felt is emptiness. One feels he or she is falling and falling in a bottomless abyss and it is very scary. It takes years to get accustomed to this feeling.

We all encounter our past life in this lifetime and from there starts our sorrow. Enlightenment does not happen at once the moment we encounter our past but the preparation of enlightenment starts. One keeps encountering one’s past time and again and every time it is a preparation, the process moves forward. Every time there is some progress. One is made ready for the final day. During this period, from the commencement and the final setting aside of the physical body, one fails. One gets defeated in life in every aspect. The stories that were as a result of our incomplete past start to fade away with the past becoming complete.

On the final day, one has failed in life to the point of no return as all the stories have been eliminated. We have failed or are successful depends on how well we are able to attach ourselves to stories or how well we are able to be a part of the stories that come as a result of an incomplete past via our physical bodies. At enlightenment, the past is no more, the physical body is floating on emptiness without any strain and as a result there are no stories one is able to be a part of.

There are no desires or ambitions. There are no to-do lists to complete. There is complete peace. After enlightenment, the feeling of incompleteness that was there as a result of the presence of an incomplete past, is no longer there. One is thus complete. There remains no place for stories to make the incomplete complete. There are no to-do lists to finish so as to feel accomplished and fulfilled.

One is filled with peace and tranquility.

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