When You Would Stop Hurting The Other

We generally do something or do not do something depending on what trigger we receive from inside. Some kind of bad feelings tell us that we should not do and good feelings tell us to do that particular activity. I am not talking about what the mind is telling us, or what the inner talk is, I am taking only of the feeling.

The mind orders and the heart suffers. Always remember this statement. All feelings are connected with the heart. The mind is simply a computer program. 

Normally we tend to hurt others – this is normal human nature. This is bad. But this does not change overnight. 

If you create space, or have access to the supreme intelligence, you will one day stop hurting others.

We would stop hurting the other the day we feel tremendously hurt, may be a million time more, after hurting the other to the slightest extent, you know you are in the right path. Generally we feel happy after hurting the other or yelling at the other, but the day the reverse would happen, which happens very rarely, we should know that spaces have started growing inside and we are connecting with the supreme intelligence.

You may feel hurt or you may feel fear or remorse or sad or anything after even talking loudly with the other. There will be again an object forming inside, an uneasiness, a block will be felt. This feeling of sadness or fear, will be there to give you a signal or to intimate you not to do that again in future. And the best part is you will never do it again, just to maintain your sanity, peace of mind. This action of hurting the other will put you in so much distress, you would say, “even of the other hurts me I will not hurt the other”. When this happens know that you are in the right path.

This will be there because, already the spaces have expanded inside. A normal, very small intensity feeling of resistance will trigger various other feelings of resistance, that were there  from the past. It will be just the filling up of spaces by other lingering emotions inside the body. This will be a signal that enormous amount of spaces have been created inside.

These are all signs, that shows that you are growing, you have started accessing the supreme intelligence. Remember, when spaces have started forming, you will automatically know what to do and what not to do. It is the existence speaking. It is the supreme Intelligence. You will just know. You will be guided.

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