Why are we afraid?

Humans are always afraid. This is because the stories of which are are an active part, the stories from which we are drawing a sense of self, are constantly being torn down by life. Why? Because life has its own plans. There are billions of people with billions of dreams and stories, is it possible for nature to make everything a reality? So nature is automatically crushing then down. It is just a matter of time.

We know within ourselves that these stories are difficult to sustain and along with the stories our “selves” are also temporary and hence fear. Today or tomorrow the stories will be taken down and we will be nobody. This day is cannot be evaded. One has to succumb to life. One must be defeated by life to such an extent that he or she cannot come back. But once you are defeated, you will become “nature” yourself. It will be a great relief as there shall be no conflict between nature and yourself. There will be peace. This should be our goal.

What nature will not crush is the plan that it has for you. It will not be a story, but a reality. The uniqueness that nature bestowed upon us shall not be crushed or taken down. There will be no fear.

Truth is that we cannot get rid of this fear. Temporarily we can be brave but switching stories, but even that story will also be taken down. The fear stays.

But once we accept that there are stories we are associated with and these are in conflict with nature. If we can realize that these stories will invariably be taken down, we will not be attached to them. Once we are no longer attached to these stories, we start to become unique the way nature wants us to be.

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