You cannot win

Conflict arises when you want to defeat the other, when you want to go past the other. You will see that all your goals are nothing but attempts to be something that you could not be in the past when someone else could be. You were defeated. You felt small. Now you want to defeat him or her by being something way bigger than what he or she is so that you can have your vengeance. This becomes a part of your to-do list.

But just by the thought of being bigger than the other, your become attached to that person. To defeat him or her becomes your goal, your desire. This desire, mind you, only the desire, not the accomplishment, gives us a sense of self – makes us who we are, makes us falsely somebody.

But one day, life is gong to defeat you by forcibly eliminating all your goals and desires. It will defeat you to such a extent that you will be convinced that you cannot win. This defeat is called enlightened.

But this defeat will take the unnecessary burden off should shoulders. You will feel lighter and free. There shall be no conflict. You will become more alive. You will become natural just like the tree – so natural, so silent, so alive.

You will be the dewdrop that has merged into the ocean by giving up its own existence. Now there is only the ocean. The dewdrop is no longer.

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