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Fusion | Nature | Technology

We have created the Novoton by optimally packaging one or more of both technology and nature based carbon dioxide removals solutions into a one tonne of carbon removal unit. 


Tech Based Removals

Nature Based Removals

A Novoton is a tonne of carbon dioxide removed directly from the atmosphere, using one or more of both natural and technology based methods. Novotons lies somewhere between faster and expensive technology based solutions and slow & affordable nature based solutions depending on the percentage of technology based and nature based solution contained in it. 


Generally technology based removals are faster. So, a Novoton that has a higher technology based removal component, retires early while a Novoton that has higher nature based component takes more time to retire as nature based removals are time consuming.


Since a Novoton is a tonne of carbon dioxide removed directly from the atmosphere by one or more technological and natural methods, its retirement time lies somewhere between retirement time of carbon dioxide removed by technological and natural means and hence a Novoton is characterized by its retirement time

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We have 5 Novotons characterized by their retirement times - Novoton 25, Novoton 20, Novoton 15, Novoton 10, and Novoton 5. All Novotons retire at their stipulated time despite their number.

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