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Novel Technology for Direct Air Capture (DAC) & Point Source Capture

Novonanmek has been recognized by United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI) as one of the Innovative Carbon Capture startups in India in the report "Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage in India and the UK", December 2022

Our innovative technology, combined with our unique deployment model, not only enables the direct removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (DAC) but also significantly reduces CO2 emissions at the source by over 95%.

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Our Carbon Capture technology is versatile, making it applicable across various industries. From energy to manufacturing, it seamlessly reduces carbon emissions at the source. This adaptability enables businesses to make a significant impact on their environmental footprint and join the global fight against climate change.






Coal Gasification

Direct-Air-Capture (DAC)


Innovative  Technology

At Novonanmek, we lead the way in Carbon Capture technology, offering innovative solutions developed in-house by our expert team. Our commitment is to deliver a streamlined approach to carbon management, focusing on our core strength in capturing emissions and providing strategic solutions for a sustainable future.

As the impacts of climate change intensify, addressing the rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere becomes paramount. At Novonanmek, we understand the urgency of combating climate change, and we champion the pivotal role of carbon capture in this global effort. Our focus goes beyond conventional methods, as our innovative technology not only allows capture of CO2 from point sources like industrial facilities but simultaneously directly from the air, thereby offering a comprehensive solution.


Complete Solution: Both Reduction at Source & Removal Directly From the Air

All Hands In

Collaboration is the Key

We believe that collaboration is the key to combating climate change. Novonanamek collaborates with industries, governments, and communities to implement our technology worldwide. By working hand in hand, we're shaping a future where carbon neutrality is more than a goal – it's a reality we're creating together.

Become a part of the Novonanamek journey and help us forge a world where cleaner air and a healthier Earth are no longer distant dreams. So, are you ready to be a driving force behind a carbon-neutral world? Reach out to us today to explore partnership avenues, dive into our revolutionary technology, or contribute to the global mission for a sustainable and thriving planet.


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