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Novonanmek is not just a start-up but a Movement

Our core purpose is to:


"To bring together people, organizations and technology to help the world innovatively transition to a sustainable future"

Novonanmek is not about a product, process, technology or business model but is a movement.


The Novonanmek



A movement is something that brings together people, companies, businesses, investors and others to bring about a positive change. We wish to do the same to create the future.

Novonanmek can also be considered as a piece of abstract art, continuously being created by several artists on a single canvas. It looks abstract because several artists are working on the same canvas - put together in one canvas, it is the priceless price of art called Novonanmek. 


We have taken up the current pressing challenge of reversing climate change - the future of our planet depends on it. 


We are working on removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere using technology. We have developed our own technology to do the same. 

We are also trying to develop a Carbon Removal ecosystem that will speed up the process of climate change reversal. 


And in the process we:

  • Reversing global warming and prevent the worst effects of climate change

  • Saving Humans, Animals, Marine species and species living in our poles

  • Alleviating Poverty

  • Helping businesses remove their unavoidable and historic emissions economically


But we are not limited to this. We have not put a cap on ourselves. We have not put a limit on how far we can go to create a better planet. By not putting a limit or a cap we remain open, we allow the future to pull us as far as it can.


If you are willing to join this movement, please feel free to let us know by writing to us. 

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