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Novonanmek's modified Calcium Looping (mCaL) outshines conventional CaL

1. Enhanced Carbonation at Ambient Conditions:

One key innovation in our patent pending modified CaL process is its ability to facilitate carbonation at ambient conditions, ensuring efficiency in capturing more than 99% of CO2 from a gas mixture. This is a significant departure from conventional processes that require substantial activation energy for CaO, often reaching up to 189.3 KJ/Mol. The conventional methods demand an extra 300-400 KWh of energy to maintain a temperature of 650°C, whereas our process operates with significantly lower energy consumption, reducing the energy requirement by 300-400 KWh.


  • Reduced energy consumption: 300-400 KWh less than conventional CaL processes.

  • Efficient carbonation at ambient conditions.

2. Prevention of CaCO3 Layer Formation:

Another distinctive feature of our modified CaL process is its ability to prevent the formation of a CaCO3 layer over CaO during the reaction as the CaCO3 formed gets entrained with the flowing liquid (Aq NaOH Solution that is continuously sprinkled over the CaO pellets). In conventional processes, the formation of such a layer inhibits further reaction, limiting the overall efficiency of carbon capture.


  • Uninterrupted reaction: Complete consumption of CaO in the process.

  • Avoidance of inhibitory CaCO3 layer formation.

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