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Why did I choose Calcium Looping over existing Amine Scrubbing or new carbon capture materials?

(Our’s is a modified version of CaL with several advantages)

Considering the long-term horizon of the carbon capture industry, spanning at least 200 years, and recognizing the imperative to remove billions of tonnes of CO2 from both point sources and the atmosphere, necessitating the use of vast amounts of sorbents, I have reached the following conclusion:

I cannot depend on a material for which the IP is held by another company.

We will have pre-purchase agreements, or rate contracts with customers where prices will be fixed even before the removal or reduction happens. I cannot depend on a supplier who holds the IP for the material as the supplier may play with the price which I will not be able to afford. Amines and modified amines (and other new materials like MOFs and others) are such materials. We need a material that is inexpensive, abundant and free. No better choice than Limestone or Dolomite.

Amine Scrubbing is a century old technology that was first used for CO2 scrubbing in the 1930s and is bound to be replaced today or tomorrow - the technology has not changed a bit except for some minor modifications. Using Amines is like using an ENIAC computer in the age of OpenAI. Everyone is using it because “everyone is using it” - as simple as that. But it is bound to become obsolete. While CaL is a second generation carbon capture technology suggested first in1999 (it has been only 24 years) and has several advantages when compared to Amine Scrubbing.

The only reason why Amine Scrubbing is predominant is only (and only) because it has been around for the last 100 years. It has no advantages over CaL.

The cost/t of Carbon Capture with CaL is less than half the cost of the same with Amines & other technologies and its modified versions. What we fail to account for while calculating the cost of capture with amines are: (1) Initial & replacement cost of Amines & its modified versions (2) CO2 loading capacity (3) The Life of Amines in terms of tonnes of CO2 removed.

Our’s is a modified Calcium Looping (mCaL) technology that has several advantages over conventional Calcium Looping (CaL) technology. Two main advantages of our process is given in

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