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Novonanmek's Vision

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Sharing Novonanmek's Vision:

I was lucky that In the recent conference CLI 2023 (, 3rd International Conference on Coal Supply Chain and Technology, Theme : Role of Coal - Transition to Net Zero, organized by the INDIAN COAL FORUM in Kolkata, I had a chance to present my vision to Industry leaders. In my talk, I mentioned that Novonanmek is meant not just to be a start-up that starts and ends, but a Movement and urged people to join this movement that will in future highlight India in the world map. It is meant to be a movement without a timeline.

I have always believed that a vision has to be something that is "seemingly absurd", something that the mind cannot find a path to, otherwise it is not a vision at all.

One cannot craft a vision and keep it in the drawer for years. It needs to be communicated. Hence, I love to share my vision. Sharing a vision, no matter how seemingly audacious or implausible it may appear in the present, is an imperative for a startup founder. This act of sharing is the ignition that sets the entrepreneurial journey in motion. It acts as the spark that inspires, motivates, and mobilizes individuals to rally around a common purpose. It attracts talent, fuels innovation, and draws in investors who see the transformative potential in bold ideas. A grand vision serves as the North Star, guiding the founder and their team through the turbulence of startup life, offering resilience in the face of adversity. It transforms a mere company into a movement, embedding itself in the hearts and minds of customers and partners alike. In the process of sharing and defending this vision, founders refine their ideas, adapt to challenges, and construct their startup's narrative. It is the essence of entrepreneurship - the audacious pursuit of a dream, the unwavering belief that the future can be different, and the willingness to share that belief with the world, even when it seems absurd, knowing that this is the first step towards making the impossible a reality.

The full presentation & paper can be found here:

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