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Novotons | A comprehensive approach

A Novoton is a tonne of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere using not one but a variety of methods, thereby offering a portfolio of removal solutions in a single unit.

Businesses can either offset their carbon emissions by employing one or multiple removal methods such as reforestation/afforestation, BECCS, ocean fertilization, direct air capture (FAC), soil carbon sequestration, carbon mineralization separately, or alternatively, they can opt to purchase Novotons.

A Novoton is a tonne of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere using a variety of methods thus offering a portfolio of solutions in a single unit.

Novotons can be a better way to remove carbon when compared to single-method removals for several reasons:

Comprehensive approach: Novotons involve using a combination of carbon removal methods to achieve a specific target. This can be advantageous because different methods have different strengths and weaknesses, and using a combination of methods can help to address these and achieve a more comprehensive approach to carbon removal. By using a variety of methods, Novotons can remove carbon from various sources such as land use, industrial processes, and the atmosphere.

Risk diversification: Novotons approach can help to spread the risk associated with carbon removal across different methods. If one method doesn't work as well as expected, the others can make up for it. This approach can also help to avoid unexpected negative outcomes that could arise from relying on a single carbon removal method.

Flexibility: Novotons approach is flexible and can be adjusted over time as new technologies emerge, or as conditions change. This can make it easier to adapt to changing circumstances and achieve better results. For example, if one method becomes less effective or more expensive, it can be replaced with another method.

Potential for cost optimization: Novotons can potentially optimise the cost of carbon removal by choosing the most cost-effective combination of methods. For example, some methods may be more expensive than others, and using a combination of cheaper methods may be more cost-effective overall. This can help to make carbon removal more financially feasible, which is important for widespread adoption.

Enhanced effectiveness: By combining different carbon removal methods, Novotons can achieve a greater reduction in carbon emissions than a single-method approach. For example, afforestation can be complemented with soil carbon sequestration and direct air capture to achieve a greater carbon removal potential.

Impact: Novotons can be a great way to support innovation and research in the area of carbon removal. By investing in multiple carbon removal methods via the Novoton, businesses can help accelerate the development and adoption of carbon removal technologies, thereby making a massive impact.

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