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Novotons for Impact

Novotons can be a great way to support innovation and research in the area of carbon removal. By investing in multiple carbon removal methods via the Novoton, businesses can help accelerate the development and adoption of carbon removal technologies, thereby making a massive impact.

If your company has high hard to reduce, residual and unavoidable emissions, what would you do? If you are serious about your scope-3 emissions but your suppliers are doing nothing about it, what will you do?

Your emissions are already in the atmosphere! They can no longer be contained at the source.

You have no option but to remove your emissions from the atmosphere. Is it that easy? Not all carbon removal methods are created equal. Some, like Direct-Air-Capture, are quick but costly, almost beyond economic viability. Others, like afforestation/reforestation, are inexpensive but slow, with significant land and water footprints. And then there are options like BECCS, Biochar-based, Ocean Fertilization, Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement, each with their own costs and removal times.

Which method would you choose?

Optimising your portfolio of removals to balance cost and time frame can be an onerous task, requiring the expertise of a consultant or someone who knows the subject better.

However, there is a simpler solution - Novotons

A Novoton represents a tonne of CO2 removed from the atmosphere using multiple optimised methods, carefully selected to achieve the best balance between cost and removal time. A portfolio of solutions has been put in every Novoton. So, by buying a Novoton, you are not going for only one removal solution, but a portfolio of solutions. The money you pay to buy Novotons is not going to one, but many companies/start-ups and technologies leading to a development of a carbon removal ecosystem. By purchasing Novotons, your company can efficiently offset its emissions while supporting a comprehensive and optimised approach to carbon removal.

For better understanding, pictographic representation of a Novoton is given in the picture below.

If you are interested in Novotons, kindly let us know by submitting your email address in the link:

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